Connect your phone easily

UFile is a software specifically for PC connection. It allows your phone to easily connect to your computer, transfer files, watch movies online, listen to songs, delete and edit files.

Core Functions:


1: Play the videos/audio from your computer online without downloading.


2: Bind the Thunder download directory, UFile supports playing while downloading.


3: Responsive access, supports 200 users at the same time, ensure users stay connected, and Fix the exclusive access defect of SMB.


4: Import files from WeChat, QQ, and other APP to your computer quickly.


5: Based on 256-bit security encryption, you can set different shared directories and permissions for different users, and access files in the computer safely and quickly


6: Support creating and sharing short-URL, generate a short-URL from your computer, and share it to other users within the LAN.

windows (V1.1)


Mac (V1.2)

Ubuntu (V1.2)



1: Windows users:

If you encounter a situation where the mobile phone cannot be accessed
in the same LAN, please make sure whether it is blocked by the firewall.
Firewall settings: Control Panel -> Windows Defender Firewall ->
Advanced settings -> Inbound Rules -> New Rule -> Port ->
Next -> Select TCP, specific local port: 55818 -> Allow Connection


2: Mac OS users

If you encounter a situation where the MAC installation prompts
"software from an unidentified developer".
Solution: System Preferences -> Security & Privacy -> Open Anyway,
and select "App Store and identified Developers"


3: Ubuntu users

Ubuntu installation method:


1: Download UFile.AppImage





2: Modify operating permissions

sudo chmod a+x UFile.AppImage


3: Double-click to run

Or execute the command ./UFile.AppImage